Exploring the Alluring World of Pure Ghee Sweets online at Mishri Sweets
Thursday, March 14, 2024

Exploring the Alluring World of Pure Ghee Sweets online at Mishri Sweets

Ghee is used in different types of Indian sweets and desserts. But did you know why ghee is so popular in the making of traditional sweets?

Ghee is considered one of the healthiest ingredients and is very versatile. This is the reason ghee or clarified butter is used worldwide. 

Reasons why ghee is mostly preferred to make traditional Indian sweets:

  • Ghee has a rich aroma. You can use ghee for various sweets and desserts. The neutral taste does not affect other ingredients. 
  • Ghee has a delicious nutty flavor that enhances a sweet dish’s yumminess.
  • Ghee offers a high smoke point, and that makes ghee a safe and good option for sweets that require a high smoke point cooking method.
  • The best part of ghee is that it is lactose and casein-free. Adding ghee to a dessert hardly invokes the risk of a dairy allergy which means lactose-intolerant people can taste and eat sweets made of ghee. 

Now let’s talk about the 5 most popular ghee desserts Mishri Sweets is known for.

Gulab Jamun

Think of ghee sweets and you will always crave gulab jamun. It is one of the widely loved sweets that requires ghee. The flavor of ghee alleviates the overall taste of this sweet. No matter what type of occasion there is, gulab jamun always makes the menu list. 

And with Mishri Sweets you can easily order gulab jamun online.


Be it motichur ladoo or boondi ladoo, ghee has been an integral part of the ladoo-making process. Many claim that it is because of the presence of ghee that the ladoos taste so unique and flavourful.


Planning to buy besan-based sweet dish Mohanthal online? Mishri Sweets makes authentic mohanthal with pure ghee. It is rich, aromatic and has a heavenly taste to it.  

Gajar Halwa

Everyone’s favourite is gajar ka halwa. This is one of those sweet dishes that will never go old. But if you prefer the traditional taste that comes from the use of pure ghee, you need to order from Mishri Sweets.

Mysore Pak

Another delectable sweet dish made of ghee is the Mysore Pak. It is a popular South Indian recipe but is highly eaten all over India. When it comes to ghee sweets, everyone imagines Mysore Pak as this recipe requires a generous amount of pure ghee. 

Why Buy Sweets Online From Mishri Sweets?

Be it weddings or any festival, buying Ghee sweets online has become convenient and simple for everyone. At Mishri Sweets we prepare authentic Indian sweet recipes with pure and high-quality ingredients.

All you have to do is browse our product page and order online. We have sweets for all occasions and every mood. We also have a premium sweet range for special moments and celebrations. 

Let’s spread some sweetness everywhere.