About Us

Life is full of special little moments with your loved ones.

A special occasion augurs the best of everything that is sweet and savory, which will remain in memory for years to come as monuments to relationship that matter. Mishri Sweets respects these and gives the best of life in the form of sweets and savories. We give an irresistible blend of the richest ingredients, unique texture and mouth-watering aroma. Mishri Sweets offering will open up joy, togetherness and unmatched taste. A handpicked selection of sweets that communicate warmth and radiate positivity.

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  • Customer loyalty to the brand has also been built on the consistent quality of Mishri products which have retained their original and traditional taste over the years. All our products comply with stringent FDA norms and the company is careful to ensure that all safety rules are strictly complied. We also use only the best quality ingredients in the preparation of our products, and each ingredient is sourced and imported from the finest in the world.

    We offer a wide range of products and our chefs are constantly churning out new varieties throughout the year. In an effort to reach out to our calorie conscious patrons we have introduced pure sugar free and Diet sweets.