A Taste of Gujarat at Your Fingertips: 5 Authentic Snacks Available Online
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A Taste of Gujarat at Your Fingertips: 5 Authentic Snacks Available Online

One of the most popular Indian snacks is the ones that come from the state of Gujarat. Widely known as Gujju snacks and they need no more introduction. Be it taste or flavour, Gujarat snacks have no match. The best part is every snack has a very long shelf life.

Here are the top Gujarati snacks that you can try anytime.

1. Bhakharwadi

The iconic Gujarati namkeen, isn't just a snack, it's a taste of tradition. In Gujarat, Bhakharwadi transcends age and occasion. It's enjoyed with a steaming cup of chai, shared with loved ones during festivals, or munched on solo. Its magic lies in its simplicity – few ingredients, mastered through generations, resulting in a timeless treat that connects hearts and generations.

2. Farsi Puri

Farsi Puri, meaning "flaky puri," isn't just a namkeen; it's a textural symphony for your taste buds. Imagine delicate, layered sheets of wheat flour, puffed to airy perfection, sprinkled with just the right touch of spices. This Gujarati favorite enjoys immense popularity for several reasons. Unlike heavier puris, Farsi Puri is light and airy, making it perfect for snacking. Its delicate layers symbolize prosperity and abundance, reminding Gujaratis of their rich cultural heritage with every bite.

3. Bhavnagri Gathiya

When it is about Gujarati Snacks, it is time to include the Bhavnagri Gathiya. Think about the quality time with your friends and family and don’t forget to include the Bhavnagri Gathiya with tea. They are delicious and super crunchy made of mixing besan, black pepper, crushed carom seeds and a good proportion of water.

4. Chavanu

This is Gujarat’s famous snack recipe. Known for its spicy and tangy taste. There are different varieties of chavanu that you can find in the market. You can also buy such Gujarati snacks online or make them at home too. This is a type of snack that people generally give as gifts during special occasions and festivals.

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5. Fulwadi

One of the tastiest snacks known for its crispy nature is the fulwadi. It has a unique and delicious flavour that one can enjoy during evening tea or dinner. If you love snacks while watching movies, get yourself a bowl of fulwadi.

Apart from these there are various other types of snacks you can find such as sev murmura, thepla, chakli, and more. All these snacks are easily available to any food store. You can also make them at home. But these days, you can even buy them online and enjoy Gujarati snacks anywhere.

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